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Dr. Zoe Papadatos (TCM)

Hi There!

My name is Zoe Papadatos, an Australian registered acupuncturist and the founder of Eunoia Acupuncture. This well established acupuncture clinic is located in Erina, providing acupuncture near you on the Central Coast NSW. My main passion is to assist in improving and maintaining physical and mental health, and wellbeing in all individuals


A visit to Eunoia Acupuncture involves looking at the symptoms to gather a holistic and individually tailored diagnosis, with a treatment plan that focuses on the root cause and a long term outcome. Treatments will include acupuncture, coupled with other modalities such as Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, heat therapy, moxibustion, auricular acupuncture, plus diet and lifestyle advice catering an approach to help you get the best outcome in the shortest time period.

I have a strong interest in improving musculoskeletal injuries, strengthening digestive health, encouraging a positive quality of sleep and providing support and assistance with mental health disorders through the use of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.


For further information on these modalities and how they may assist your health and wellbeing, please feel welcome to contact me!


 Acupuncture involves the use of thin, sterile 

needles to stimulate points of the body to bring 

about a holistic balance and assist with many 

health concerns


Cosmetic Acupuncture is the new craze to enhancing beauty and wellbeing in a gentle, safe and natural way


Cupping therapy involves the heated suction of therapeutic glass cups to relieve

'qi and blood stagnation'


Chinese Herbal Medicine integrates

a range of daily food items with other herbal medicinals to assist the body from the inside, out


Dry Needling involves the use of acupuncture needles to release muscles through the use of trigger points and 'ah shi' points


Moxibustion is the burning of a Chinese herb "mugwort" close to ones skin to facilitate healing 


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