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'Quick fixes, fads and last minute panicking at the rapid onset of ageing skin made me look into other options and thats when I found Zoe ...'


Hello and Welcome to Eunoia Acupuncture!

My name is Zoe Papadatos, the Clinical Director and acupuncturist of Eunoia Acupuncture on the Central Coast. Thanks for popping by my website to check me out before you make the best life changing decision of starting your journey to better health. 


Now let me properly introduce myself, not the Clinical Director or business owner, but me Zoe.

From a young age, I have always believed it be my role on earth to help people. Throughout high school, helping my family through one of the most devastating losses we could have ever experienced, and always being called the 'Mum' of the group, I quickly up took my role in society as a healer.


 I started my journey at the University of Technology Sydney and participating in a Bachelor of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I soon found my passion in alternative medicine. Throughout my studies I was privileged to work with and under so many talented acupuncturists opening me up to a range of treatment methods and ideas to get you the best results possible. 

After 4 long years of study, I soon opened my own clinic, Eunoia Acupuncture on the Central Coast and I have been honoured to be able to help so many people within the community, achieve their health goals. Health is not only about physical health, but is also about emotional and mental health which is why my practice incorporates Eunoia into the name. Eunoia means 'a well mind', 'kindness' and 'goodwill' which are some of the core values we portray here at Eunoia Acupuncture.

If you are not a person who has ever seen themselves as a healer, it would be hard to understand why we love what we do. But I the reason I love what I do is seen over time. The change in a person you see when you truly help them. The happiness that radiates from their face from the honest results they achieve through natural medicine and lifestyle changes is truly the best thing you could ever experience. 

My passion is assisting those with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and PTSD as well as women's health concerns such as period pain, hormonal imbalances, irregular periods, menopause, infertility, as well as providing a quality service to those wishing to take a natural approach to skin health- cosmetic acupuncture! 

I look forward to seeing the sun shine from your soul from the results we will help you achieve.


A visit to Eunoia Acupuncture involves looking at the symptoms to gather a holistic and individually tailored diagnosis, with a treatment plan that focuses on the root cause and a long term outcome. Treatments will include acupuncture, coupled with other modalities such as cupping, heat therapy, moxibustion, auricular acupuncture, plus diet and lifestyle advice catering an approach to help you get the best outcome in the shortest time period.


But what are these modalities and how can they help you? - Is the question you are about to ask me isn't it? 


Have a look at these modalities and lets get you booked in to get you back to what you love doing, A$AP Rocky!


The use of fine, sterile needles to assist you with your health concerns such as mental health, women's health, digestive concerns and much more.

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A natural, safe and effective practice to anti-ageing and beauty. Assisting with fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, scarring, and dull complexion of facial skin.

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Releasing muscle pain and tension and detoxifying the body through cupping therapy. 

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Aiding your concerns from the inside out., herbal medicine assisting with mental health, fertility, digestive upsets and more.

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The healing herb of the world, facilitating the healing of injuries through the burning of mugwort.

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Servicing Areas on the Central Coast : 

Erina, Springfield, Erina Heights, Terrigal, Wamberal, Forresters Beach, Avoca Beach, North Avoca, Copacabana, McMasters Beach, Kincumber, Green Point, Saratoga, Davistown, Holgate, Matcham, Bateau Bay, Shelly Beach, Narara, Wyoming, Lisarow, Ourimbah and more!

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