Pregnancy and Postpartum Massages


Pregnancy Massage


A comforting and calming ritual to support & relax mum during her pregnancy. Uses light-medium pressure to soothe & relax the body, mind & spirit. Up to 12 weeks a pregnancy bolster allows mum to lay on her tummy and receive a massage. After 12 weeks, massage is received side lying with lots of pillows to support body changes. Pregnancy massage supports Parasympathetic nervous system regulation, decreases stress/anxiety induced elevated heart rate, eliminates waste, aids circulation & load on mums heart, increases range of movement & flexibility and eases pain/tension.

Pregnancy Massage benefits:

- Enables Mum & bub connection

- Increases relaxation

- Improves sleep

- Decreases oedema

- Increases proprioception of body changes

- Eases back, neck and shoulder pain

- Stabilizes hormonal changes to decrease anxiety & depression

- Stabilizes blood pressure

- Increases energy


Post-natal Massage


The power of human touch enables a woman to continue to heal following the birth of her child. It is a gentle massage that eases discomfort associated with the postpartum stage of pregnancy. Women can have massages when they feel comfortable/ready & recovered or require extra post-natal support.

Post-natal massage benefits:

- Relaxes tense muscles

- Eases mum into motherhood

- Supports mums mental health

- Increases blood & lymphatic circulation

to reduce swelling & fluid retention

- Lowers stress hormones including Cortisol

- Improves ongoing post-pregnancy discomforts

- Increase milk production (lactation)

- Improves the regulation of fluctuating hormones

- Improves anxiety & depression (baby blues)

- Enhances sleep

- Manages pregnancy outcomes eg sciatica pain, carpal tunnel

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