3 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

One of the hardest things is achieving your goals (both health and life goals) in a way that allows you to ACTUALLY achieve them. From experience, without direction, assistance, motivation and support ,can be hard. This blog post is to provide you with the methods that have assisted me in achieving my goals over the past 6 months, which I hope will assist you.

I guess as we always do, firstly write down your goals. Write as many as you have or would love to achieve for the last 6 months of this year that you envision yourself achieving... So how many are there?

1. Our first step to achieving our health goals is to not overload this list with 20 unrealistic goals that you know you will not be able to achieve in this specific time period. We want to achieve these goals so lets firstly make them realistic and simple. I want you to refine these goals into 3-5 main health goals. Choose the ones that are most important to you individually that you believe will help you.

2. From here we can analyse these goals we would love to achieve so we can set a plan, THE ACTION PLAN! To help analyse we need to answer the following questions so that we can create an action plan:

- What is your main motivation behind this goal?

- What are the actions you need to take to achieve this goal?

- At what part of the year would you like to have this goal achieved? (Remember be realistic!)

- What equipment or assistance do you need to achieve this goal?

From here you have your plan set out. You have the ideal date you would like to have achieved this goal, your motivation, the actions you need to take and the equipment you need. Now it is implementing that plan into the busy lifestyles we have. Write or type these out and put them on your wall, in your diary or on the fridge so that you are constantly reminded of the action plan in place. Continue to write down the actions in your diary that you have take that week to remind yourself of the amazing job that you are doing to achieve your health goals!

3. MINOR SET BACK ALERT! Of course we all come to set backs, that push back plans, however this is where the next tips comes into place. IT IS ALL ABOUT MINDSET. This is really the biggest tip that any one can give in regards to achieving goals. Focus and correct your mind set. You cannot achieve your goals when you are: putting yourself down, self sabotaging your actions and beliefs, making excuses and ignoring the action plan posted all around your place. I understand this is hard, however, it is the easy way out. Life is a ball of ever evolving change and it is up to you to make sure you enjoy the ride. It is you, you live with ever day of your life and that positive attitude is the one that makes the ride more enjoyable. Now everyone is different, and there are a range of methods that you can implement that allow you to change your mindset to positive, however these are the ones I recommend that have worked for me:

- Read a book that gives you ideas to change your mindset (Authors that are fantastic with this are Eckart Tolle and Louise Hay).

- Implement meditation and/or mindfulness into your daily schedule. Some great apps to help you with this is Insight Timer and Headspace. This allows you to get in the right head space to motivate you to achieve these goals.

- Practice affirmations that praise you for all your hard work you are doing. Positive self talk is one of the biggest motivators.(You ARE good enough. You ARE working towards your goals. You ARE loved. You ARE beautiful)- Louise Hay's book's are amazing at showing you how affirmations work and how the universe talks back to you when you change your mind set.

- When you have a moment of clarity, positivity or success, WRITE IT DOWN! This is there to then remind you of that exhilarating feeling that will make you thrive for more.

Whilst on this journey, just remember, we cannot create a habit over night, success is not achieved in a day and that it is ok to ask for help. You are not alone on your health journey and there are professionals to assist you become the best and healthiest you. Take the step today and achieve those health goals you have been dying to achieve!

I hope this has helped as it sure as hell has been working for me!


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