5 Tips for Beating the Cold this Winter...

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

A few years back I was with some friends in the mountains of China, getting my hair caught in frozen trees and trying to keep my balance from falling on my butt! Temperatures were below zero and I remember not being able to feel my toes while outside... Now I know that the winter here in Australia isn't half as bad as other countries, but it definitely is getting nippy now! So here are my 5 fashun, diet and lifestyle tips for keeping warm and beating this cold is as below!

1. I know that scarfs are out of fashion these days, but definitely invest in one this winter. Try hit up the big brands and look on the tags for 'WOOL' as these are the ones that are more worth while and will keep you warmer. Now I know that some people think that scarfs are not important however in thousands of years Chinese medicine evolving, Dr.'s of this medicine have developed theories about the neck and its relation to getting colds. In Chinese medicine, the neck is the part of the body that if opened to the cold, rain and wind will allow the cold pathogens into the body, thus increasing your chances of getting a cold or the flu, which none of us want! I guess the real question is, what is more important? Making a fashion statement or staying safe from that pesky flu that is about this winter?

2. In winter the types of food that we eat is very important. In Chinese Medicine diet therapy, foods and the way we cook them, have their own specific qualities that directly impact our digestive system and way we feel! In winter due to the cold nature we need to feed our body's warm nourishing foods instead of cold foods. Unfortunately, yes this means decreasing frozen smoothies and salads as they are cold in nature. Opting these foods out for foods such as holism soups, roast veggies and meat and bone broth's are great ways in keeping your body warm to be able to resist the cold! What's your favourite winter food?

3. Best tea ever! - Whilst I was away in China, the one thing that got me through the cold weather was this smashing tea that a wonderful friend got me onto! The ingredients and instructions are as below. The reason to why this tea is so wonderful for cold weather as like mentioned above, specific foods have different qualities. The Ginger and cinnamon are both warming herbs in Chinese medicine. Goji Berries and Red Dates assist with digestion and also with energy production and nourishing our skin in the winter due to the drying out from the heat!

Get some water boiling on that stove and add 4 simple ingredients...

- Cinnamon bark (Rou Gui) - Goji Berries (Gou Qi Zi) - Red Dates (Da Zao) - Fresh Ginger (Sheng Jiang - Add this in the last 10 mins)

Boil until you get a nice deep red flavour and enjoy! Its not only tasty but will nourish your body through the use of Chinese Herbs!

4. Sometimes in winter we need a little bit of help receiving nutrients due to a slow in metabolism and different availability in seasonal foods. The follow supplements assist in supporting your immune system throughout these winter months:

- Zinc: Keeps immunity strong, helps fight off illness and supports growth and healing

- Vitamin C: Assists with repair of the body and its tissues to prevent sickness

- Vitamin A: Assists with mucous and epithelial growth and rejuvenation

- Vitamin D: Helps beat off infections

5. As hard as it is, keep up the exercise! Exercise promotes your body to regulate every day functions and maintain optimal body temperature. By keeping up your hard work at the gym on these cold days, you are helping your body fight off sickness through the regulation and expelling of bad pathogens in the body.

Keep warm in the last few months of winter everyone! Spring is only just around the corner!

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