5 Ways to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Our hormones are a large part of our lives (both male and females) as they influence our body's response to the stimuli around us. They help us in fight or fight mode, promote digestion through increasing metabolic processes, regulate energy production, drive the cycle of fertility and growth and much more. However, there are many elements of lifestyle and daily habits that can throw these hormones out of whack.

Of course the biggest influences on our hormones are also the key elements that allow us to regulate and balance our hormones. By improving these in day to day life, there will be a shift in how your body responds to things around you and also how the internal processes go about too. The following 5 points below, are natural ways that you can improve the balance of your hormones, in no specific order:

1. Diet - Diet is a major influence of hormones of the body. It is the method of gaining nutrients and transporting these nutrients around the body. If there is no balanced diet this directly impacts the hormones as they need nutrients to function optimally. Diet changes does not always have to be all doom and gloom, measuring specific amounts of food and going cold turkey on chocolate, because who are we kidding, it never works. The key points for improving diet is eating a variety and balance of the different food groups. Balance between protein, carbohydrates, fruit and veggies, whilst decreasing the levels of refined sugar in your diet. Whist maintaining this balance, eating a great variety of the different food groups will allow you to gain a diverse range of vitamins, minerals, macro and micro nutrients which the body needs to regulate hormones. In addition, you can also take supplements in conjunction to a balanced diet to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals available for absorption from the digestive tract. Vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, fish oil and zinc are great supplements to increase their availability in the body. Ideally book in with a local nutritionist/naturopaths to help you evaluate your diet and help create a plan to improve a balanced diet. The beautiful Next Health Practice has multiple nutritionists and naturopaths to assist you with balancing your hormones, give them a call today.

2. Exercise Daily- When we exercise, our body produces natural endorphins which positively changes multiple hormones in the body! Studies have shown that increasing specific methods of exercise can improve depressive effects in adolescent females as they influence the hormones directly. Ideally, exercising at least 3 days a week can influence hormones in the body. If you haven't already joined your local gym, Snap Fitness Gosford has a promotional offer on at the moment with $0 joining fee and a free starter pack as well as a great supportive team to get your health back on track. Contact them today for further details.

3. Meditation and Mindfulness- These methods allow your body to relax and naturally regulate stress-related hormones in the body. When stress-related hormones are continuously elevated, the body is in this constant state of fight/flight mode, impacting the metabolic processes and ability to clearly think. Through partaking in meditation or mindfulness techniques, the body is able to remove itself from the heightened state controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to take over. From here the body can function properly through increasing metabolic processes, regulating levels of other hormones involved with cognitive behaviour and improve quality of sleep. On the Central Coast, there are multiple business that involve an element of meditation and mindfulness such as Trudyoga located at Peats Ridge as well as Mysan Yoga Sanctuary located in Kincumber which both provide Yoga Nindra classes involving that element of meditation to your everyday practice.

4. Get enough sleep and water - Sleep is a key element in day to day life. It allows our body to rest and is the state where the hormones of the body are performing their magic over night. While sleeping, the body is releasing multiple hormones that assist in growth and rejuvenation. Lacking sleep can influence our behaviour and digestion, meaning it directly correlates to our hormones. So try your hardest to get in those 8hrs! Water as well has a great impact, not so much on the hormones directly, but in the ability for the body to digest properly. By staying hydrated, it will allow the metabolic hormones to do their function adequately. After all we are approximately 60-70% water and like plants, we need watering!

5. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs - Acupuncture and herbs work in a similar way to food and meditation in regards to hormones. With acupuncture we are looking at decreasing the fight/flight mode response and getting the parasympathetic nervous system to work more, thus decreasing stress and allow the hormones to function optimally. Herbal medicine works on a more internal level, alike diet, and allows your body to be fed the nutrients needed to allow your hormones to be regulated. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is a wonderful way to naturally assist your body in adjusting the hormones itself. If you have any symptoms that are emotionally, digestive or reproductive based, acupuncture and Chinese medicine may just be able to help you! Contact me today to see how acupuncture can help you regulate your hormones naturally. To book, give me a call on: 0490 367 470 or book online at Eunoia Acupuncture.

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