Acupuncture & The Final Trimester

This time of your pregnancy is definitely one to remember and cherish. It is the time where your amazing body gives your beautiful babe the final nourishment and prenatal qi (energy) they need to take on the world when born, however, this is also a time for you. It is a time for you to truly connect with your body. Fill it with an abundance of positive, bounding energy, internal nourishment through warm homemade meals and hydration and deep rest to restore physical and emotional wellbeing. After all you have been baking this bun for 7-8 months already, you deserve this!

Mumma's, of course through this time your body will start to change, enabling your baby to fall deeper within the pelvis, help the baby position themselves ready for the new world and towards the end, start to relax and ripen your cervix to encourage the birth of your baby. How amazing is that, our body's as women knowing exactly what to do! Though sometimes we need some TLC and some help preparing our body's for what is yet to come.

As an acupuncturist deeply passionate about helping women nourish their mind and body's, I can tell you acupuncture through this time of your pregnancy is one of the best kept secrets of Chinese Medicine. During the final trimester, our aim as an acupuncturist is to focus primarily on YOUR health as the bearing mother. We will help:

  • Nourish your energy

  • Assist with pain management

  • Relax your body to minimise any anxiety or sleep disturbance

  • Support your digestive system

  • Assist with optimal positioning of the baby

  • Help descend the baby into the pelvis

  • Ripening and dilating the cervix ready for labour

Recent studies have shown that acupuncture can assist increasing the readiness of the cervix and decrease the need for medical interventions during birth! .... I am sure now you are like ... WHEN, WHERE, HOW!


This process of labour preparation through acupuncture and Chinese Medicine generally begins at 34 weeks through to the day you give birth. We will assess your pregnancy and overall health through an initial consultation and from here come up with an individualised treatment plan to ensure we give you the quality care you deserve. In your treatment plan we will include lifestyle advice, acupressure techniques and a post-natal care plan individually tailored to you. One given across the board is that from 34 weeks, weekly treatments will be necessary to prepare your body, nourish your energy and assist you for the birth of your dreams.


Eunoia Acupuncture: 19/310 The Entrance Road, Erina, NSW, 2250!


HOW does this actually help you? The mechanisms are still being studied, but we are working on your nervous system and hormonal systems to relax the body, enabling it to function optimally during this time.

HOW do I book? Either give Zoe a call on 0490 367 470 OR book online at

I look forward to being able to help you through the final stages of your pregnancy!

Love Zoe x

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