FEAR- I know these terrors can be scary, but no, not fear of babies of course!)

Throughout my whole life, I always thought I was invisible and not afraid of everything. However, being away I realised, that I fear many things in life. In Yamba, when about to jump off a jump rock, I remembered Im scared of jumping from heights, when bush walking in Dorrigo National Park, I remembered I am scared to absolute death of snakes, lizards and all other reptiles under the sun and that I am scared of the future and what it holds, royally screwing things up and super scared of the end product of life... death (like come on what happens to us when we pass?!?!- Anyway we can keep the conspiracy theories out of this... for now...)

In Chinese Medicine, fear is one of the emotions that can heavily impact the body and its organ system (please note that all organ systems mentioned in Chinese medicine are only slightly similar to those of western medicine!) Through Chinese Medical theories, fear is seen to impact the yin organ of the water element: The Kidney's.

The Kidney is one of the most vital organs within the system according to Traditional Chinese Medical beliefs. In the classics this organ is seen as the ‘operator with force’ as it is the place were Yin and Yang originate, giving rise to multiple vital substances of the body and its organs.

Yin and Yang are the base substances which are about inter-dependance, inter-transformation, inter-supporting, and mutual consumption alike water and fire. They are the interpretation of the beginning of all phenomena. Because of the relationship the Kidney has with Yin and Yang, and the function the Kidneys have in storing the ‘vital essence’, the Kidney is the place of ruling birth, growth and reproduction (making little munchkins like this cute bubba!). Thus if there is a dysfunction with the Kidney qi and vital essence there will be defects in birth, growth, development and fertility. 

When the Kidney's (remember- from a Chinese Medicine perspective) is injured either through fear, excessive use of the mind for over-thinking, over-exhaustion, indulging in too much sexual activities, older age, poor diet and alcohol, one will experience symptoms that attribute to a depletion of the essential Kidney energy. Examples of these symptoms include, urinary dysfunctions, infertility, fatigue and lethargy, impotence, shortness of breath and many more. In addition, fear causes stress on the Zhi, also known as the Will-power, giving rise to lack of motivation, anxieties and more emotional issues which can arise.

Taking care of the root cause of the issue, is the main focus of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By focusing on the fear element or any other the other causes mentioned above, whilst supporting the Kidney's energy through Chinese herbs or acupuncture may benefit the body in multiple ways. I know over the next year, I will be facing my fears head on and supporting my body when it is over-exhausted or when the mind has been racing a million miles an hour to support my Kidney energy, will you?

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