2019- The Year of the Pig!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

2019 is the year of the Pig and also the year that I have planned for everything to come together. I will be maintaining a part time job while starting my own acupuncture business; getting my lifestyle and health on track and keeping a good work-life balance (for once in my life!). I can see happiness, joy and success around the corner as well as the lessons to be learn't, hardships, struggles and yet sheer determination to push through. Alike me, a lot of you will be on the same path, another year, another set of goals but doubts on the journey to succeeding them.

As I sit here in my camping chair in beautiful Bellingen (secretly indulging in cheese, crackers and wine, while receiving a little massage from the best partner ever!) I have had time to reflect on the year that has past and some of the important things I have learn't during 2018 and wish to evolve during 2019 which I think we all need to remember in this new year.

1. As the Dalai Lama said 'Remember that sometimes silence is the best answer'. The blissful solitude of silence allows you to connect back with yourself, your feelings, physical body and your soul to really enable you to think clearer. It enables you to get feelings resolved, decide on tough decisions while calming the body to gain the right answers to your unresolved questions. Work gets us so wound up in the drama and politics, that sometimes a bit of silence can really do a lot for you. Personally, spending time in nature over the past few weeks is a great way to enjoy the solitude and really settle into reality through a better state of mind. So for all you nature loving freaks alike myself, immerse yourself in nature and bring your mind back to a balanced state, as the results will be so beneficial to you in this new year.

2. Sometimes being wrong is a wonderful stroke of luck and that is ok. As a person that likes being right most of the time (...ok A LOT of the time) it is hard to see another persons point of view and understand the thought processes behind these notions. Over the holiday break, I have started to read one of Gary Chapman's best sellers which explains how all individual's have different beliefs, values and history's. These elements of ones life moulds the ideas and thought processes which makes all our opinions different which we need to accept and try to understand. As a hard headed person, listening to people's opinion's may be hard, however, I have realised it can be really valuable. It makes you attentively listen to another person and make you think about the thought processes behind the perspective, which can really open you up to new ideas.

3. Having a break and looking after yourself is OK! In this day and age we are expected to work hard with your head down and ass up; but we are only humans right? Being on this break over the past two weeks after a hard year of finishing university and working full time ever since finishing, you really notice how we cruise (tiredly might I add) on autopilot through life and its stresses. However, we honestly all deserve to take time for ourselves and relax every now and then. Go on that holiday you have been planning for years, spend some of that money you have been working hard earning, have fun and actually enjoy this life we have been given to live! We only live once for goodness sake, so please do what you dream and never regret it. I know I will be treating myself with little trips away to recuperate from the everyday life during 2019!

4. It is ok to make mistakes and not hit hight success straight away. Like I said before we are only human, we do make mistakes, however it is from these mistakes we learn and take actions to prevent these mistakes from happening once more. During the last year treating people in the clinic, you realise that you are constantly learning on the best treatments for people. With acupuncture and Chinese medicine, one of the best things about this medicine is that there are different treatment methods for each individual person, not one treatment is the same. As a person that doesn't like to make mistakes, I thought I might have been making mistakes in clinic, however it is just a treatment that the individual may not respond to, which allows us to reflect and recreate a treatment protocol that is more tailored to that specific individual and their problem at hand. As one starting their own business this year and practicing this amazing holistic approach to healthcare, I need to remember that not everything is going to work out. I will make mistakes (I am guessing with math... I am so bad at math!), however having a positive mind set will allow me to use these mistakes as a learning process. It is strength and determination to get through these patches and just hit the ground running even harder than before. I urge you to remember this, that if you make a mistake at work, in a relationship, that you reflect on this and figure out why this particular aspect did not work and make changes to prevent it from happening again in the future.

5. 'Your health is an investment, not an expense'- Unknown. Being a saver all my life, I find it really hard to spend money on myself to improve my physical and mental wellbeing, however after treating people for a few years, it has made me realise how important your health is as well as others. One of my major goals this year is to get my health back on track, feel more motivated/energetic and overall feel amazing. Daily exercise, weekly/fortnightly acupuncture or massages as well as practicing some medication can bring a whole lot of change to ones body. These are a few of my goals for this year and I am really excited to see the changes in myself this year after looking after myself! Doesn't mean you can't do it as well! If you would like to know how acupuncture can help you, please feel free to contact me!

As for that, I am going to get back to the cheese, crackers and wine (all in moderation of course!) but these are the reflections I have had over the holiday period, which I am going to personally implement in my life this year! I urge you all to get those goals written down and start smashing them out! Breathe, stay determined, try your damn hardest and follow your dreams. Take everyday as it comes and stay happy.

All the best wishes for 2019!

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