Ever wondered how in the world do you get into Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine?

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Here is my story...

My name is Zoe and I am the owner, founder and acupuncturist here at Eunoia Acupuncture, Central Coast. I did not just become a small business owner quickly, without any hard work, persistence and of course a journey of the ‘what in the WORLD do I want to do' mind debate. This has all come into place over the last 6 years of my life and am very happy to say I am stoked to be where I am today. 

When finishing high school, I had no clue what I wanted to do (alike many of my other classmates), but knew there were a few things that I wanted to achieve in my future years of adulthood. The first was to have a job where I could have a life (instead of just working 9-5 everyday to JUST make a living), grow a family without having to go through the battles of maternity leave, not being able to work part time while I help raise my family, have a lifestyle where I COULD do what I love and take time to myself and that I always wanted to do something to help people with their health.

I knew if I picked the right career the first three would fall into place, however it was the career that I was unsure about. I knew that I could not for the life of me be a nurse doing shift work, work in pharmaceuticals as it is against my beliefs and could not work as a doctor, as hell who wants to be in university for 6-10 years of their life… definitely NOT me. 

I knew that helping people has always been in my blood and being, so I had some sort of direction. I also knew that maybe western medicine was not that path for me. Throughout high school I had to watch one of the hardest battles that I believe someone could fight. The terminal battle of knowing they were going to be leaving the world soon and western medicine assisting that battle in yes a positive way, but also decreasing quality of life in all sorts of ways possible.  Throughout this time I was constantly thinking that there had to be an alternative that could help with cancer or at least with the pain, digestive upsets and quality of life.

This is where my Aunt comes in to play. She is an acupuncturist who has helped many people in the most amazing, natural way. She showed me some basics and included me in some patient consults, but there was one thing that caught my eye. The happiness that radiated from her and her patients during and post treatments made me realise, I could be making this difference to ones life as well. Thus I enrolled into the oh so brilliant Bachelor of Heath Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine course at the University of Technology, Sydney. (This course is on its way to being terminated from UTS, so please help us support the Chinese Medicine Society by keeping this course ALIVE!)

The content of this eastern medicine opened my eyes to how your body is connected in so many ways. Why you get a sore stomach when eating something to cold in winter, why you neck hurts when you feel you are getting sick, why if your energy, digestion and sleep is off and you can’t fall pregnant… and the list goes on! It showed me how there is multiple ways of treating someone through alternate natural medicines that honestly has such a great result on ones health holistically. Then in the last year of university, applying these methods in the clinic and seeing results from the general public, just fuelled me to try even harder and made me more eager to get out onto the Central Coast community to get the word out about how and who I can help through acupuncture and Chinese medicine. 

A year or so out of university, building my own practice I can honestly say this is where I am suppose to be. Helping people with everyday pain, digestive issues and also emotional quality of life as it is my passion along with helping anyone with any other health concerns. Alternative, natural and holistic medicine is the way of the future as we are treating the root of the problem, not just the symptoms and I cannot wait to see how we, alternative health practitioners, progress in this world. 

I urge you, contact your health practitioner today to let them help you get your health back on track and assist you achieve your health goals. Our goals are to help you become the healthiest, happiest you, so let us help you today! 

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