Frequently Asked Questions about Acupuncture

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

How does acupuncture even work? 

Acupuncture works by increasing circulation around the body to which in turn has many benefits on the body. For example, if you have pain, by increasing the body’s circulation it will promote relaxation of the muscles as well as decrease the inflammation caused by pain mediators within the nervous system. 

What is the difference between chiropractic work and acupuncture? 

Acupuncture works more with the muscles, promoting relaxation, increase microcirculation and decreasing bodily inflammation, where as chiropractic care involves the realignment of bone structures.

Does it hurt? 

Acupuncture causes a sensation rather than pain. When you have acupuncture, the sensations that are described are, dull aches, tingling, warmth and much more. These feelings are appropriate to the treatment as they indicate to the patient and practitioner that the needles are working within the treatment.

How big are the needles? 

The needles that we use in an acupuncture treatment is less than a millimetre thick. They are NOTHING like blood test or immunisation needles. Personally, the needles that I use are 0.22mm (thick) X 30mm (long).

What is the quality of these needles like? 

In Australia, we have high quality control, which makes all the products used in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine of the highest quality. These needles are sterile, single use, stainless steel needles that have been tested time and time again. 

Can you bleed or bruise from the needles?

Simple answer to this question is yes. Bleeding and bruising is commonly seen in acupuncture as you are inserting an object into the body. Through years of training and practicing over 300 acupuncture points on the body, you cannot avoid this from happening as everyones body’s and their structural placement is different, making it a possibility of bleeding and bruising. Please note that if bleeding occurs from acupuncture needles is rarely an excessive amount and is nothing to worry about. 

What can acupuncture actually help with? 

Acupuncture can assist with many health concerns. Some concerns that patients seek acupuncture treatments for relief is:

- Pain Relief and Management

- Stress Chronic pain related to depression

- Emotional feelings related to anxiety

- Regulation of hormones through stress relief

- Nausea, pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy, digestive disorders and chronic illnesses

And much more.

For further information on how acupuncture can assist with your particular health concern, please contact Zoe from Eunoia Acupuncture today. 

How many treatments will I need until I start to feel better?

Due to everyones individual nature, genetic structure, lifestyles, chronicity of injury/illness, age and many other personal factors, the period of time that acupuncture may take to facilitate with each individual concern will vary. For the first three weeks we recommend obtaining 1-2 treatments per week to see if acupuncture is the right treatment for you and your condition. Some patients see immediate results, whereas others (generally more chronic issues) can take up to or more than 8 treatments to start seeing results. 

Can I use acupuncture in conjunction with other alternative care? 

Most definitely! Its more than often that we will recommend other alternative care such as chiropractic care, nutritional care and many other complementary therapies to assist you with your health concerns. This is to make sure that every element of your health is being covered, allowing you to be further educated how important every aspect of your lifestyle and body is to achieve an optimal level of health and achieve your personal health goals. 

Can I use acupuncture in conjunction with western medicine?

Again, YES! Acupuncture AND Chinese medicine work well when they are integrated into western medical care. Common illnesses that acupuncture is used for to promote the natural functions of the body and its remodelling and healing mechanisms is:

- Managing stress to promote the effect of blood pressure medication

- Managing pain, nausea, stress and other symptoms whilst undertaking cancer care/treatment

- Relaxing the body, managing pain, fatigue and stress related to some autoimmune diseases

- Assist regulate hormones to help manage symptoms of menopause, fertility treatments and hormone medications

Can I claim acupuncture on my private health insurance?

Depending on your cover in your health insurance, yes you can! 

What happens in a consultation? 

You will be welcomed with a big smile and asked to fill out the initial consultation form. We will then go through a range of questions to allow the practitioner to gain a better picture of your concerns holistically. From here, we will go through what acupuncture does, what it will feel like and also any other therapies that may be used within the treatment. If necessary, some testing will be performed to see what the extent of the injury is. Following this, the treatment will then begin and further testing will be performed throughout the treatment to gain constant feedback. At the end of the treatment, we will evaluate what the results were for this treatment and make another booking for 3 days or weeks time depending on the case at hand. 

Can acupuncture be used on children and the elderly?

Yes most definitely. Everyone no matter how little, small, young or old, needs help at one stage or another in life, and I would be happy to assist.

How can I book an appointment with you?

Either call, email or submit a booking through the website.

Ph: 0490 367 470



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