Pain Management with Acupuncture

One of more common issues that acupuncture assists with is the regulation and relief of pain in the body. 

The pain regulation occurs in many ways. This is through the modulators, receptors and pathways of the body which gives a chemical response in the brain through the nervous system. Because of this, everyone feels pain in a different way.

Acupuncture can work by influencing this system through decreasing the anti-inflammatory mediators which allows the body to heal when in pain. In addition, acupuncture may alter the chemicals to assist reduce pain intensity whilst improving the functional mobility through directly stimulating the muscle fibres and increasing microcirculation. This will allow the muscles to quickly heal which will allow you to get back into physical exercise faster than usual.

From experience, acupuncture has helped many of my patients with pain in the upper, middle and lower back, hips, neck, shoulders and even plantar fasciitis. BUT, these areas are not the only areas that acupuncture can assist with pain. Internal pain can also be helped with acupuncture, such as stomach pain, period pain, sinus pain and much more. Although, please note that because of everyones individual nature, gene structure, mindset, lifestyles, chronicity of the injury/illness and age, the period of time that acupuncture may take to facilitate pain relief will vary. From personal experience, this can be either immediate relief or take up to 8 treatments or more to get results.

For more information on how acupuncture can assist you with managing or relieving pain, please contact me at Eunoia Acupuncture today! I would love to assist you become pain free as quickly as possible. 

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