Spleen and Stomach- The Earth of Being

*Please note, all mentions of physical organs, vessels and structures of the body are traditional Chinese medical terms which are not to be confused with western medical terms.

The spleen and stomach are the organs of the earth element that are responsible for the ruling of the transformation and transportation of food and water consumed on a daily basis. They work in combination to separate the pure substances from your food and water to be used as 'Qi' (energy) during the day. These substances can be transformed within the spleen into 'qi' (energy), blood (actual blood) and fluids (water etc) to nourish specific parts of the body to gain holistic balance.

Many people within the society see dysfunctions in day to day life with these organs as they govern digestion and metabolic needs. When they are dysfunctional there will be digestion issues, slow metabolism, stool irregularities, an increase in bloating and reflux, lack of energy as well as issues with the muscles, lips and concentration as these are the other aspects these organs govern in Chinese Medicine.

If you have issues with digestion and metabolism it is essential to eat healthily through consuming a variety of foods. Increasing vegetables and fruit, will increase vitamin and mineral absorption as well as a adequate amount of protein to provide sustained energy through out the day is what the body craves and needs. Through decreasing carbohydrates (I don't mean cold turkey elimination, just a decrease- especially later in the afternoon) and minimising processed, oily/fried foods and high sugar content foods, will allow the body to gain strength in the digestive organs to provide adequate energy. In addition, giving your body an adequate amount of water per day will also increase energy quality during the day as well. For females, the minimal amount of water to be consumed daily is 2.9L and for males is 3.4L.

Some specific foods that may assist with regulating the spleen and stomach from a Chinese Medicine theoretical background include:

- Apricot

- Sweet potato

- Pumpkin

- Oats

In addition, room temperature water is ideal as cold is seen to injure these organs, and make digestion sluggish!

Take care of those digestive organs in these crisp autumn days seeping in! If you are having issues with digestion and energy, please feel free to contact me! I would love to assist you achieve your health goals through acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to get your digestive health back on track!

Zoe x

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