What is Holistic Remedial Massage? How could it help you?

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business:

Hi! My name is Jade and I am a holistic remedial massage therapist here on the Central Coast. I am the founder and clinical director of Aurore Holistic Health located at Erina. I have travelled the world studying modalities to support my clients from a science to spiritual base. In the last 6 years I spent a lot of time travelling Europe, to delve deeper into understanding women's health from a sexual health perspective to further help women achieve their health goals, and focus on the deep, root cause.

What actually is remedial massage and what does it entail?

Many people think that remedial massage is all about deep, muscle releasing techniques, however it is much more than that. During these treatments, we aim to connect and treatment the mind and body as one, getting a deeper release through these methods. These treatments entail soft remedial approach to release the myofascia of the body and smooth the lymphatic as well as focus on elements that may be causing the imbalances as well through wellness consultations.

What are you most passionate about supporting women with?

I am most passionate about giving women the tools to feel strong in themselves, their bodies and their life. If I cannot help them to achieve this, I will refer them to the circle of professionals around us that can help them even when it is beyond health as all aspects of our lives influence our health. Such as physical, emotional and spiritual levels of our health.

Why are you most passionate about supporting women with their health?

I am most passionate about this as it is apart of my own lifestyle and life choices.

What are some common women’s health concerns you see in the clinic?

I have seen all different health concerns over the years at all different ages. It is quite diverse which is what I love! As it gives me a chance to help and also learn myself about the female cycles. I have supported women going through cancer treatments, pre and post partum, pregnancy and much more.

For more information on how Jade may be able to assist you with your health concerns, please contact her directly on-

Aurore Holistic Health

4 Ilya Ave, 2.27 West Wing, Platinum Building, Erina, NSW, 2250


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