What is Jade Fitness and Personal Training? How can they help you with your health goals?

Tell us about you and your business. My name is Teliha and I am the owner/operator of Jade Fitness & Personal Training. I began studying personal training whilst working in the hairdressing industry 4 years ago simply to further my own knowledge. It wasn’t until I moved to the Central Coast with my fiancé and began managing a gym that I decided to start training clients. Like hairdressing, personal training is a job based on passion. You thrive off making people feel good about themselves. 

What are you most passionate about supporting women with?

I am passionate about helping women find confidence within themselves not only at the gym but in their everyday lives. There is no greater feeling than accomplishing something that you never thought you could do.

What are some common women’s health concerns you see in the gym? Some of the most common health concerns I personally see in women in the fitness industry stem self-confidence and/or mental health issues. When women are first introduced to the industry it can be very daunting and overwhelming. My aim is to create a safe and welcoming space for clients so they never feel pressure to act or ‘perform’ a certain way. I encourage my clients to celebrate the small wins just as much as the big ones. Mental health plays a massive role in the way we see ourselves as human beings and I want to be there for each of my clients to be able to support them.

For more assistance with your physical and mental wellbeing through physical exercise, contact Teliha at: Jade Fitness & Personal Training jadefitnessandpersonaltraining@gmail.com 0447003725 Snap Fitness Gosford 1/131 Henry Parry Drive, Gosford

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