What is Matrix Health and Fitness? How can they help you?

Alike looking into any personal trainer or fitness club, we always want to know what to expect with who will be training us, their passions, visions for you and how they will specifically be able to help you achieve your health goals and nourish your body.

So lets introduce Trinity from Matrix Health and Fitness on the Central Coast. This passionate, whole hearted, FABULOUS superstar WANTS to see you thrive in every element in your life. Lets see how she may be able to help you achieve your health goals.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

My name is Trinity and I own and run Matrix Health and Fitness.  We are experts in making women more fabulous, fit and healthy and have been doing this on the amazing Gosford Waterfront since 2011.

What actually is “MHaF” and what does it entail?

At Matrix Health and Fitness we are fiercely passionate about providing to women the love and support required to thrive in life through our outdoor training programs, ongoing social support, our 8 week body renovation program and the positive mindsets required to take massive and radical self responsibility for actions, self talk and results.

What are you most passionate about supporting women with?

Our Vision is: Women of the planet are truly seen and recognised as the amazing, sparkly and fabulous beings they are.  Fully supported and celebrated by all. Encouraged and lifted up by their network of genuine and like minded soul sisters. Radiating confidence while self empowered to create a ripple effect throughout their entire life, for their families and for those they love.

Why are you most passionate about helping women?

We inspire women to embrace their fabulous.  We do this by educating them in total self awareness, so that they may achieve the abundance in health, happiness and wellbeing they desire.  Our passion comes from the experience of the power of emerging from a dark, scary place emotional and physical place and that drives us to support women with the love and support required to thrive.

What are some common women’s health concerns you see in the clinic/studio?

Honestly, it’s mostly being scared to start because of one of these 3 reasons….

"I'll start training once I'm fitter":

This is a really super common one that I hear most often. Very rarely do I have someone start that is at the fitness or health level that is their ultimate goal, in fact I don't think it's ever happened.  It’s literally about just STARTING.  You will look back in 6 months and you will so not regret simply starting your journey.

"I'll be so slow ":

So here's the thing, no matter who you are on your health and fitness journey - EVERYONE has to take the first step at some point and do their first session right? I am just like you I had to do my first burpee, my first run etc etc...! In fact I've had this conversation with many of our amazing MHaF clients when they were first starting too!

And lastly, "everyone will think I'm really unfit".

Nope. NOPE. No they will not. We all started, we are all on our own journey. Doing something, anything, just starting is better and NOT doing it - fact.

Contact Trinity today for your FREE trial session at Matrix Health and Fitness

Matrix Health and Fitness


Gosford Waterfront, Dane Drive GOSFORD

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