What is Meraki Hair & Beaute? How can they help you?

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business

The complete experience all in one location. Offering all Hair and Beauty services. We are proud of our affordability and level of convenience. By combining the two in one allows us to share your precious time wisely while keeping the cost a little lower then most but most importantly still deliver premium services using premium products. 

What actually is Meraki and what does it entail?

We offer a personalised hair & beaute experience tailored to suit your lifestyle. Our team of professionals have a passion for all things Blonde and Skin. 

What are you most passionate about supporting women with?

We have the best job in supporting women. We provide a calm, friendly space where you can walk out feeling a million dollars more than when you came in. 

Why are you most passionate about hair?

Our passion lies within delivering exactly what you want to achieve and are very proud to say if we can't we will educate you on the process and the journey to come. 

What are some common concern you see in the salon?

The most common concern we face is hair being too yellow or too dry, along with problematic skin & skin care that isn't giving results. This is something were faced with daily and love that with our knowledge and experience we can correct both of these for our ladies allowing them to feel happier and more confident within themselves.   To book your very own salon experience, contact Tam and the girls at:

Meraki Hair Creations & Meraki Beaute Room


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