What is Women's HealthPhysiotherapy and how can it help me?

Alike looking into any therapy, we always want to know what to expect with the treatment and how each specific therapy may be able to help us achieve our health goals and nourish our body.

So lets talk about women's health physiotherapy! This beautiful human in the picture above is Claire who is a truly down to earth, highly experienced practitioner on the Central Coast. So lets learn a bit more about Claire, her business and how she may be able to help you.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business Claire...

Hi! I'm Claire, the founder of Luna Physiotherapy in Daley's Point. Our practice is dedicated to women and girls, to their healing and empowerment. We aim to be regenerative, holistic, and integrative in the ways that we 'do' both physiotherapy and business. Alongside our women's physiotherapy practice, we share the space with other practitioners in mental health, yoga and meditation, and we offer workshops and community events.

What actually is Women's Health Physiotherapy and what does it entail?

I'm a Physiotherapist by training, which means I studied some pretty heavy science at uni, trained in hospitals, and have a solid understanding of the physical, psychological, and social processes of injury, disease, and recovery. My specific area of practice is Women's Health, which involves helping women with things like pelvic floor dysfunction, pregnancy and postnatal recovery, challenges around menopause and ageing, pain and injury management, and recovery from surgery or illness. 

My way of working is open and responsive. There's no one-size-fits-all treatment. Depending on the person, we might use 'hands-on' techniques like soft tissue release, joint mobilisation, visceral manipulation, and myofascial cupping. I'm very aware of the power of the mind and emotions in physical dysfunction, so I may offer mindfulness, breathing or visualisation strategies. Hands-on sessions give us a 'window of opportunity' where there's less pain, improved movement, and we're able to learn new ways of moving our bodies that will hopefully stop the problem from coming back. 

What are you most passionate about supporting women with?

I love the way more and more women are arriving at their first women's health physio session with the understanding that they do not have to 'suffer in silence', that help is available. There is better information, more accessible information than ever before about issues like pelvic pain, prolapse, incontinence, childbirth, postnatal recovery, breastfeeding, and menopause - and yet! Women are still in the dark about the most intimate and life-changing processes of their own bodies. I'm passionate about empowering women to ask questions, get high quality information, and to cultivate their intuitive, embodied knowledge so they can be their own health advocate. I see the work that women are prepared to take on, what they will go through for others - and I want to support them to honour their own needs also.

What are some common women’s health concerns you see in the clinic/studio? 

I'm privileged to work with teenagers to great-grandmothers, with all the variation that encompasses. The women I treat would generally fall into groupings of either pelvic floor dysfunction, musculoskeletal pain, pregnancy and postpartum, and post-surgical patients. But there's often - if not always! - overlap. 

For example, a postnatal woman with abdominal muscle separation might also be living with stress incontinence. A woman with chronic headaches might also describe pain with sex that's linked to an old episiotomy scar. Or a woman with chronic constipation might also have symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse and back pain. Another woman who gets knee pain when she plays netball might have an overactive pelvic floor that's actually causing the knee pain... I have a really fascinating job! 

Wanting to get in touch with Claire? See her details below to book your consultation with her at:

Luna Physiotherapy 


3/30-32 Empire Bay Drive, Daley's Point NSW 2257

**Phone TBA**


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