Why should you be using Magnesium?

Magnesium is an essential mineral which is found in the bones, muscles and soft tissue that is needed in the body for energy and movement.

Its actions occur in the soft tissues where it aids in the creation of ATP production and energy metabolism. ATP production is essential for movement as it provides the cells and muscles the energy it needs to function. Together magnesium and calcium are involved in the rate at which your nerve impulses are transmitted, muscle contractions occur and the responses of the immune system.

So you see, if your body is not getting enough magnesium through your diet, these functions will be dysfunctional. This may lead to magnesium deficiencies which impact energy production for movement, decrease the capacity and effectiveness of the nerve impulses into the muscles and altering the muscle contractions which can lead to injury.

So magnesium is seen as a preventative measure to take to avoid injury.

However, magnesium can also be used to aid recovery from injuries. This is due to the relationship that magnesium has in the functioning of the body's immune system, supporting and strengthening the bodys defence system and allowing the healing process to function optimally.

So what I am saying, is that magnesium is needed for muscle health and recovery. But where can you get it from?

You can get it from nuts, legumes, wholegrains, dark greens, seafood and cacao. However, more than often, we do need supplementation of magnesium into our diet. Personally, my favourite is the oh mighty MgBody Magnesium Cream!

Studies have shown that the skin actually absorbs the magnesium better than oral consumption! Personally, I love to use this after a hard workout or when I feel a stress headache coming on.

Im sure your wondering why this cream?

Well not only does it just have magnesium in this cream but it also contains a range of essential oils and botanicals to help your body heal. With the inclusion of arnica, peppermint oil and so much more, this cream is the ultimate addition to your daily routine.

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